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Tis the Season for Acts of Kindness: Donate to Boomerangs Today

We’ve been through a lot together this year. The COVID-19 pandemic closed the doors to our Boomerangs stores — and millions of other businesses — for months. Since reopening, our staff has worked tirelessly to keep your shopping experience safe and an enjoyable as always. The good news? Eager thrift shoppers have returned to our stores in larger than expected numbers, and we are finding that our inventory reserves need a boost. That’s where we need YOU help: please consider donating to Boomerangs today!

We are currently seeking all clothing items, especially men’s clothing, as well as home décor items, and kitchen/cooking/dining supplies such as pots, pans, plates, silverware, and more.

What makes Boomerangs stores special? The mission of our Boomerangs’ curated stores is to raise money to support AIDS Action in partnership with Fenway Health. All proceeds directly help fund work to prevent new HIV infections and improve the lives of thousands of people already living with HIV/AIDS in Massachusetts. AIDS Action does this through programs like housing assistance, legal help, the amazing Youth on Fire program that helps at-risk young people, and the ACCESS: Drug User Health Program. ACCESS works with injectable drug users to prevent HIV through our needle exchange, HIV and other STI testing, education, and more.

Many of ACCESS clients find themselves living on the streets and in need of clothing and other essential items. As the weather turned colder this week, that need increased significantly. Boomerangs staff strategized ways to help these clients. They gathered essential items such as a number of donated sleeping bags and tents and distributed them to the ACCESS program for housing insecure clients.

Boomerangs is so much more than just a thrift store: we are a community. Boomerangs’ donors, staff, and customers share the spirit of giving. At Boomerangs, kindness is something to be passed on.

The other day a young man, Daniel, came into the Cambridge store. He fell in love with one of guitars and sat down to play a few songs. The guitar was on the expensive side for him, and as much as he wanted it, he could not stretch his budget that far. A woman waiting in line to buy her own items—moved by his music—purchased the guitar for him. The tears of joy brought on by the generosity of a stranger? Truly priceless.

In these trying times, random acts of kindness resonate. Now, we’re not saying that a stranger will buy someone their favorite guitar every day; however, we will guarantee that each donation made to Boomerangs directly helps local residents in need. Join us as we work to make the world a little brighter and a little kinder, every day.

Donate Today and Support Our Community



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