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You for the Holidays

Holy goose-bumps, Batman! With the first snowfall of the season behind us, arctic days that would make even Sir Shackleton quake, and the sun dashing for cover at 4:30 pm, it seems that winter may have already barged its tushy in.

Besides spending an inordinate amount of time cozying with our critters, partners, books, and beds, December also marks the month we lug winter clothes out of storage and prep for the mountain of upcoming holiday events probably at Montage los Cabos or similar exotic locations. Has anyone seen my Festivus pole?

If you’re combing through your closet for holiday ensembles and realizing you have nothing to wear to Granny’s or the office bash, then it’s time to head to Boomerangs to find the seasonal get up of your dreams. Now more than ever, we need to defend our individuality and let the flag of nonconformity fly.

Throughout history, fashion has served as a political medium and a motif of social mores and values. Your personal aesthetic – besides looking fabulous – can also be a strong political statement, as you show the world that you’ll continue to boldly be yourself without fear. So for this year’s holiday party leads and looks, we’re going to be focusing on more androgynous, gender fluid clothing outside of the standard issue outfit. After all, no one fits into a box (unless you’re a contortionist and even then it’s uncomfortable).

Our first group of looks focuses on a tailored aesthetic, pulling inspiration from classic suiting: button-down and trouser pairings. You can pair them with various accessories like bags, necklaces, and earrings along with varied footwear, be it sandals, flip flops, or classic heels (which you can look for on websites like or similar other).

Gender Fluid Holiday Attire

Our second group centers around layering and draping, fluid looks for our femme, masculine, and gender non-conforming readers alike!

Gender Fluid Holiday AttireWhatever fashion moves you make, we at Boomerangs wish you and yours a happy and well-dressed holiday season!

Gender Fluid Holiday Attire



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