Boomerangs stores will be closing in June and we are no longer able to accept donations.

Holiday Self-Care: Being Good to Yourself, Your Community, and Your Wallet

Holiday Self-Care

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. Along with the fun and festivities, this time of year can also bring with it a whole sleigh load of social and financial stress. Here at Boomerangs, we’re big proponents of practicing self-care, especially during this special time of the year.

Self-care refers to any action taken to improve one’s physical, mental, sexual, or emotional well-being. That could mean lifestyle changes, like joining a gym or quitting smoking, or fun activities like trying a new hobby or indulging in a little me time with a lelo gigi. Most of the time, it also improves an aspect of you. For example, joining the gym will get you more physically fit or a new hobby will improve certain skills. For example, a lot of people take up writing as their hobby and use Short story ideas to come up with quick concepts that they can turn into their own. All of this writing will help them improve their grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Self-care can also be as simple as kicking back with a cup of cocoa and a favorite movie.

Making good financial decisions is another form of self-care that isn’t often discussed. It’s all too easy to rack up some serious debt during the holidays, with so many gifts to give and halls to deck. We all want to be in a situation where we are financially stable. With this being said, there are situations where the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney or a financial advisor, for example, may be needed to help people get their financial life back on track. It is important to prioritize your financial situation.

But even if it means looking for loans for people with bad credit or speaking to a financial adviser who can give advice on how to manage finances, this could be the start to finally managing these financial stresses.

Shopping smart by shopping thrift can give your wallet a break and reduce budget-related stress.

This year, visit Boomerangs to snag fabulous presents, decorations, and party outfits at prices even Scrooge would love!

As the good people of Whoville taught us, the best gifts don’t come with ribbons or tags. Supporting nonprofits with your money or your time is a wonderful way to care for your community and feel great about yourself.

When you shop or volunteer at Boomerangs, all of the proceeds support the lifesaving work of AIDS Action Committee. From HIV/STD counseling and testing and peer support groups to legal and housing assistance, the programs and services of AIDS Action help so many people to not just survive but thrive, all year long.

We hope you’ll visit us soon to find some deals, learn more about volunteering for Boomerangs and AIDS Action, or drop off some donated treasures. From all of us at Boomerangs, we wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!



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