If you’ve been following the Boomerangs story for awhile, you know that our staff members  are rich in artistic ability and creative skills. To showcase their creativity and the versatility of thrift, we hold a competition each Halloween to see whose costume will garner the most total ‘likes’ on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Here’s a recap of the 2016’s winners, along with a few honorable mentions. To see all of the images, check out instagram.com/shopboomerangs.

Will and Carlton

In first place with 72 likes, we had Paola and Monique as Will and Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Pee-Wee Herman

In second place with 71 likes, here’s Hazelle as Pee Wee Herman


And the wild card celebrity guest judge pick is…

Duct Tape Duck

Edwin as the Duct Tape Duck!


And just for fun, here are a few fabulous costumes more worth mentioning:


Shari as Furiosa



Kristilyn as Catwoman


Alicia Keys

Lysia as Alicia Keys


Devil's Food Cake and Pinky Pie

And last but not least, Brandon as “Devil’s food cake” and DeAnna as Pinky Pie.



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