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Accents are a great way to make an old piece of furniture feel new again. Boomerangs’ curated selection is a great place to look for one of a kind vases, trinkets, and artwork, but did you know that a shirt can also be of use when looking to add a pop of texture and color to a room? Here’s how we turned a $1 button-down shirt into a throw pillow.

If you’re not so fond of DIY pillows, check for customized throw pillows on sites like Spoonflower. DIY or not, these pillows could help with the whole aesthetics of your home.

Dress You Couch - Step 1
Dress You Couch - Step 2

Step 1:

Find a pillow form and a shirt that is similar in size. This shirt came from the Boomerangs $1 rack! Turn the shirt inside out and lay the form on top. We were sure to include the breast pocket as a fun element.

Step 2:

Trace around the pillow. After making a rough drawing remove the pillow and trace again with a straight edge like a ruler to ensure clean lines.

Dress Your Couch - Step 3

Step 3:

Begin stitching all around the outline of your pillow form. Leave about ¼ inch border around the outline of the pillow to allow your cover to expand when the pillow is inside.

Step 4:

If the shirt you are using has buttons you can sew a complete square. If you are using a shirt that does not have buttons, you will have to sew 3 ½ sides, leaving ½ open to flip your fabric inside out and to insert your pillow form. After your shirt is turned right side out again, you can complete the last seam.

Dress Your Couch - Steps 3-4a
Dress Your Couch - Steps 3-4b
Dress Your Couch - Steps 3-4c
Dress Your Couch - Step 4



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