Many people honor the tradition of resolving to commit to something new and often fall short of this lofty goal just weeks after initiating the process. Maybe if we change how we think about getting to the end result, things will be different. Rather than making a resolution, let’s focus on developing a new habit! Here are a few tips to help you adhere to your new practice.

1. Plan

Having a goal and a timeline can be helpful to help you visualize how to get where you want to be but don’t use them to beat yourself up if you veer off track.

2. Accountability

Keeping yourself accountable is an important part of changing behavior. You could use a chart, calendar or even rope in a good friend to keep you on course.

3. Reward

Having a reward system is an integral part of forming habits. Next time you complete your 20 minutes of practicing Mandarin vocabulary, you give yourself a fun-sized chocolate.



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